Camaraderie - Friendship VI

nom nom nom
her name is Van, i always called her " vantat " it means ass.. LOL
our 1st meet is on pet farm.. XD i looking for panda
and she looking for pink dog.. lol
Van is a funny and kind girl.. XDDD
when we meet eachother, she called me, " susu " it means milk.. lol
because milk is my old name.. XDDD
 anyway, i like ur teeth, vantat~♥ LOL
whoa, so cool uh? XD yes she is!
she's fashionista, always joined my old fashion show, with her bestfriend, lala
her name isssss... Indaaaah !!
*claps claps*
she's kind, cute, and funny tooo !!! XD
oh well, she'll be one of my VIP member, but not yet.. D:
because she always get problem with her computer when i make fashion show.. lol
wish you luck, indah!! XP
*cough cough*
this boy... errr.. what should i say, hen?LOL
ok, " her " name is HENNN !!
she ALWAYS said " Lemmoooon~ <3 "
always and always... everyday.. everytime when me and her onlline.. LOL
hen is kind girl, and funny too, ah ! in real life, she's soo cute !
she's single, so  boys you still have chances /heart
Oh, hen always want me to make her position in my clan is princess
but i don't want too... *pout* because she never win on my mazes.. D:
a-a this boy.. umm..
" her " name is Shinzushouuu !!!
My old friend, but we still be friend.. lol
She always joined my old fashion show.. XD and of course, she's CREATIVE, and have fashion senses. XP
If she joining my new fashion show, she'll win XD
Shin is Kind girl, and funny too.. we always laugh together, with nata too,. XD
idk what we're laughing at.. lol
we kinda .... weird.. LOOOOL
whoooaaa,, goood pose , right?
from the pic, u all knows, she / he is a boy / girl.. XD
Of course, AkiKo is a Giiirl !! XP
Aki is a good and kind person :D and always laugh together with me, ah! and beri too!!
but i didn't take beri's pic yet... *pout*
Aki is talkative girl and funny too~♥
O: she has a lot of coool closet.. I want her to join my fashion show, sometimes.. :(
her name issss... CIEEEE !!!
cie is kiiind and funny girlll... XP
when we meet eachother, she always called me.
" derieee " LOL
our 1st met is from my friend, Nongs.. XDD and cie joined my fashion show
i hope she'll be my VIP fashion member sooon
 well, its kinda hard to get VIP fashion member.. XDDD should be goes to special stage..
u're not yet right? cie? XDDDD goood luck!

whoop whoop!!
she's Hello Kittty !!!
she's kind, and funny, and..... moody.. LOL
she kinda strange today..
she said that all picos in my room are UGLYYY.. LOOOL
then i made ugly contest for her.. lol..
well, actually hello kitty isn't meany girl.. but..
she told the " truth " LOOL

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