Camaraderie - Friendship I

Metty, me, And Miko !~ I called metty Prince Sh*t head, and miko Murderer, because he bring some skeletons.. LOL

Metty is my VIP member on my fashion show,, he always can do any themes what i want * he's soo CREATIVE !! and never complain about my themes. Especially, he is kind person, very kind person♥
Metty = Prince Sh*t head
congrats !!! \(^0^)/
Metty, u looks happy to put it in my butt.. LOL *under 18, don't look this XDD
Girls, i know u like his face, very " man "ly i like it too, even if i'm boy.. LOL *gayness
what a pity girls, he already has gf, her name is elle, she's kind tooo~!! XDD very perfect couple /heart
Her name is Babe, she always join my fashion show, but she always left my fashion show, because "someone"
i don't wanna make ur heart break boys, but she already married~♥ because him, she left my fashion show, -raaawr-
his name is Jad, my " weird funny " friend. :D he has some cool friends.. he's kind to me, and always join my fashion show too~♥ his special theme is " mosquito " LOL !! he always won !! omg omg
well girls, you can't be with him.. he already has gf~♥ 
me, jad, metty, and babe
They all my beloved friends.~ and of course, they're funny, and kind :D
his name is miki *black hair, and i'm the girl.. lol
he's not online for 2 months D:
we always share stories, and have fun together, and now he's online again !! yippie
well, i imagine, if he has Ameba Gold, he will be a popular boy... *more popular than me
me, ponyo, and shin
it should be nata and hen too, but we kinda busy each other XDD
they're funny, and kind to me.. and have cute picos :DDD
they always join my weird fashion show too, but not my new fashion show.. *pout..
2 deries??? XDD nah, he's my twin, his name derie.. i remember before his old name is ghost~
my twinie is CUTTTE boy!! i already saw his real pic
omg omg, calm down girls...~♥
and i should say sorry to you girls, he already has a gf XDDD
broken heart? its okay~ i'm here for you~ *lol
and now, the cuttest girl on pico~ Little Boo Peep !! yaaay~♥
I knew her from my dad, zylem..she's kind to me when we 1st meet.. XDD
One day, she made event " hot or not " and i join too, but with monster outfit.. and.. i got 99% HOT !!* ROFL.. !!!
and then I be the judge, and i give Max % is only 0,80+ % or something !! for people LOL
meany? yes, i am ~♥ LOL

Friends part I, finished. XDDD

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