Camaraderie - Friendship II

with Nata, well
Nata is a girl.. lol she always use weird looks XD
but she's really kind and funny XD
we always go out with Shinzushou, and ponyo too..
she kinda busy , because of her school XDD

she's Revonia, cute black girl on pico
even if she's black on pico, her pico is still looks cute :3
she's kind, even if i make her stuck, she keep smiling.. LOL
her name is Cambria, one of my VIP fashion show member :D
she always can do what i want, very CREATIVE person, i like it ~♥
i remember, when the theme is foot and ball, not foot ball, she wear bald wig, with no pants.. lol
and this pic, theme is naruto.. on final stage, versus hayley XD
and she won !~♥
she's my VIP fashion show member too, her name is hayley
she kinda busy because exams :(
I'm happy if she can join my fashion show.. XD because she's creative too !
kind, and funny too.!~♥ i like her.. lol

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