Camaraderie - Friendship III

my old friend, yu with my old name, rihito.. XD
yu is korean girl.. she's cute, and she'll be a bussinesswoman.. clothing.. XD
She's totally kind, and sooo mature !!~♥ 

her name is nong, i called her eyank.. lol because her bf called her " yank " LOL
eyank means grandma.. lol
what a pity, i didn't take nong boy pic, because he's brb.. i can't see his face .. XD
well NONGs are sooo funny couple, and kind too..
happy couple \(^0^)/
Alice, Ayama, and me
Alice is my twin's gf.. she's kind, and funny.. lol
when both of them *my twin and alice meet alone, they're soo ro~omantic /heart
well, idk much about ayama, because i didn't add her yet.. XD but she looks kind too.. :D
wooohoo ! she's my VIP fashion show member, her name is Lala Cullen~♥
She's sooo kind and funny XD
our 1st meet is on my old fashion show, and she always won.. O.o"
but now, my fashion show is kinda hard XD and more more and mooore popular..
i wish you luck, lala~ ♥ :D
her best friend is Indah, :( she kinda busy.. i didn't take indah's pic.. U.U
indah is funny girl, and kind too, always say hi when we meet XD
last time we meet is on night club, waiting for oliver.. U.U
twin? no~♥
his name is Josh, i knew him from my fashion show.. he's servasius friend and twin.. XD
he's soo funny, and kind.. lol but not rly..
because he already made me stuck on his room.. lol evil
nO. 1 Playboy on pico
well, when i meet him.. always, and always.. girls around him.. lol
and asked to be his gf.. LOL !!
i wonder how he can be sooo... popular.. XDD
because i want it too.. :|
her name is Jinny.. :D thai girl X)
she's one of my VIP fashion show member..~
she can do anything what i want, on my themes..LOL
weird themes for sure.. XD
she's very kind, and polite :D
and of course cute too~
wish you luck on my fashion show, jinny~! :D

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