Camara Derie - Friendship V

this lil cute girl name is Baby Doll
she's dear daniel's gf.. :D
Baby is kind, cute and funny girl XD
she always join my fashion show ~ XDD
but she kinda busy lately.. T.T because of her school..
i want her to be one of my VIP fashion members XDDD
because she's creative and sooo COOOL on clothing X)

I introduce you guys, her name is JokerI
but i called her old name, beri, from blueberI.. lol
she's funny, and kind girl.. and cute too~ :D
Beri is Akiko's bestfriend, they loving eachother~ soo sweet.. TT^TT
ah well, aki said, beri is the cutest girl on her classroom*reallife :D
well boys, if you wanna know more about beri, tell me.. LOL
*peace beri XP
lo0l, hey guys!
his name is Miko~♥
i called him murderer because soo many skeletons on his bodeeeh.. *scaryyy.. XP
miko is my funny friend ! :D he kind too~ he join my fahsion shows XD
but, if he doesn't win on fashion show, he will say..
he's cute, isn't he?  XP
dance dance~
her name is Chibi
Chibi is momo's gf XD, she's kind, and CUTE too !
omg omg, even if we never meet about 1 month she remember me
and remember how we meet on our 1st meetXDD
they won on my couple fashion show O:
I wanna make a couple fashion show again because i remember how i met her X)
Mei ~♥
i know him today, and only meet 1 hour XD
he looks funny, and kind, and of course, cute too !!!
and i said to him, that
"welcome to weird family"

her name is crispy :]
she's kind, cute, and funny XD
she always come to my room.. lol
dunno what she do in my room XDD
crispychoco is chris's sister~♥
if you love chris, you should love his sis.~ lalalala~♥ XP

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